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          1. First of all, the cabinet type structure of the insulation cabinet of the imitation Rittal distribution cabinet is still evolved on the basis of the imitation Rittal field cabinet. All the field waterproof functions are very good and the sealing performance is excellent;
          2. When the heat preservation cabinet is used in the field, it is usually in the cold place in the north. In winter, the temperature can reach more than minus 20 degrees, or even lower! In order to ensure the normal operation of components in the cabinet, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature in the cabinet. There are several methods. One is to paste aluminum foil insulation cotton, which is generally more than 10-20mm thick or even thicker. This kind of thermal insulation cotton has good thermal insulation effect. It can also be equipped with a heater and a temperature controller. The imitation Weitu heater and temperature controller produced by Taiyu can be used together. The temperature controller sets the temperature. In the future, when the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature value, the heater will start to operate, so that the internal temperature of the cabinet will rise slowly.
          3. When some insulation cabinets are used in the field, they are not equipped with components, but with water pipes, pressure gauges, valves, etc. This kind is also used to operate the water station or other water treatment system equipment. The temperature is low in winter, so the water pipe cannot be frozen. At this time, it is also necessary to heat the cabinet.
          4. When manufacturing the imitation Rittal cabinet (insulation cabinet), it should be noted that the cabinet should be as flat as possible. Except for the unnecessary grounding studs, other screws and studs should be prevented as much as possible, because the more flat the interior is, the more convenient it is to paste insulation cotton in the later stage, and the better the insulation effect is. There is no need to use outdoor cabinet air conditioner or cold heat exchanger.
          5. The imitation Weitu field junction box can also be used as thermal insulation structure, and the principle is the same, except that the wall hanging accessories on the opposite side should be directly welded, and the AE box wall hanging parts of general specifications cannot be used
          6. Other cabinet types, such as Vito piano like console, PC computer cabinet, industrial computer control cabinet, aluminum alloy cantilever system, waterproof terminal box, PS 10 fold profile cabinet, Vito electric cabinet, etc., can also be considered if they want to make thermal insulation structure, but the manufacturing process will be more complex, which depends on the detailed on-site environmental requirements.
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