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      1. 大多數網絡機柜使用螺絲擋板來擋住PCI等插槽的空位,但仍有相當一部分使用了一次性沖成的擋板,對于這種機箱,每次安裝新的PCI卡時,都不得不把主板拆下來才行,安裝相當麻煩。
      1. Most network cabinets use screw baffles to block the empty slots of PCI and other slots, but a considerable part still use disposable baffles. For this kind of chassis, the motherboard has to be removed every time a new PCI card is installed, which is quite troublesome.
      2. Non removable front panel
      The plastic front panel of most network cabinets is fixed on the box with clips or screws and can be removed, but a few cases are fixed on the front frame of the box with plastic rivets. Once the power on switch is stuck or the indicator light falls off and needs to be removed for repair, this non removable front panel case is a serious problem.
      3. Fallacy of fan design
      The more fans are not the better. The design of network cabinet fans is a systematic project. During the design, attention is paid to the "air duct", the size and location of air holes, the matching of inlet and outlet values, etc. simply increasing the number of fans may cause the wind force to offset each other, but the heat cannot be discharged.
      For the side plate fan of the network cabinet, a large low-speed air inlet fan should be selected. The fan on the top of the network cabinet should be located as far back as possible. A common problem in fan design is that the filter screen is not installed for the fan, which will not only reduce the electromagnetic shielding performance, but also cause the fan to accumulate dust.
      4. Problems of card structure
      卡式結構雖然方便,但這種設計的大問題就在于它對配件的尺寸公差要求比較嚴格,不像螺 釘結構那樣允許配件有的“錯位”,如果強行裝上,會帶來配件變形的隱患。
      Although the card structure is convenient, the big problem of this design is that it has strict requirements on the dimensional tolerance of accessories. Unlike the screw structure, it allows some "dislocation" of accessories. If it is forcibly installed, it will bring the hidden danger of deformation of accessories.
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