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      Many electricians report that when maintaining the low-voltage distribution cabinet, they will find that there will be moisture in the low-voltage distribution cabinet more or less. Some low-voltage distribution cabinets are particularly wet, the surrounding cables are covered with mildew, the metal components in the low-voltage distribution cabinet are also rusty, and trips often occur, and some even cause fires.
      In fact, the rust and mildew of low-voltage distribution cabinet are mostly caused by moisture. When moisture is found, measures should be taken immediately for moisture-proof treatment. Next, let's share the effective methods of dehumidification of low-voltage distribution cabinet.
      Effective methods for dehumidification of low-voltage distribution cabinet:
      Take advantage of the power failure to clean the equipment to keep the distribution box clean.
      Closed low voltage distribution cabinet. Air filtering measures shall be taken for the ventilation windows and vents of the high-pressure chamber according to the regulations. Keep the air in the high-pressure room clean.
      Low voltage distribution cabinet manufacturer
      The cable trench, cable tunnel and cable hole under the low-voltage distribution cabinet shall be waterproof sealed, and natural ventilation and moisture discharge channel shall be installed to keep the air in the cable tunnel dry.
      The outdoor low-voltage distribution cabinet can be equipped with rain tower.
      The iron plate at the bottom of the indoor enclosed bus bridge of the outgoing line is changed into a steel wire mesh plate, or a l00mm gap is opened horizontally (near the wall). When the rainwater enters from the fixed steel plate of the outgoing line through the wall casing, it can be discharged from the gap. Do not enter the switch cabinet.
      In case of serious condensation, it is recommended to use spr-nl anti condensation device or hk-sepri-t overhead dehumidification system to automatically control the humidity and remove the moisture in the cabinet.
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