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      GCK type low-voltage switchgear has high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure. GCK type drawer type switchgear has flexible electrical scheme, strong seriality and universality, arbitrary combination of various scheme units and one cabinet.
      The drawer has the advantages of large number of circuits, saving floor area, high protection level, safety and reliability, convenient maintenance, etc. the drawer is divided into 1 / 2 unit, 1 unit, 2 unit and 3 unit, up to 9 units can be installed, and the cabinet can be installed with 18 units. The drawer has closing, opening, testing and extraction positions, which can not only ensure normal operation, but also safely overhaul the components in the drawer. From the propulsion mode of the drawer, it is basically divided into single pull-in type, double pull-in type and swing in type.
      Most of some drawer units have no clear 3-section position and can only realize basic interlocking. Most of them have no experimental position. The installation module hole of the main frame is e = 25mm. The height of the drawer cabinet of GCK drawer switch cabinet is 1800mm. Each functional unit occupies an independent compartment and the drawer floor height is 200mm. However, with the development of the electrical industry, the volume of the circuit breaker is getting smaller and smaller and can also be installed horizontally.
      GCS type low-voltage switchgear is generally equipped with clear 3-section positions. GCS type drawer type switchgear has a big disadvantage. Its structure fabrication, especially assembly, is troublesome, and most of them are connected by bolts. The drawers are divided into five columns: 1 / 2 unit, 1 unit, 1.5 unit, 2 unit and 3 unit. There can be at most 3 PC cabinets and 22 drawer circuits in MCC cabinet, The installation module hole of the main cabinet is e = 20mm and 100mm, the drawer layer height is 160mm, the bus is flat at the back, there are outlet channels at the top and bottom of the cable room, and the panel has obvious signs of opening, closing, test and extraction positions.
      以上的精彩內容來自: MNS低壓抽屜柜更多的精彩內容來自:http://www.8477k.com,我們后續會有更多的內容等您查看.
      The above highlights come from: MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet, and more highlights come from: http://www.8477k.com , we will have more content for you to check later
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