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          The effect of heat dissipation in the machine room is closely related to the selection and placement of cabinets
          有關機柜很容易被忽略。目前液冷(或稱水冷)機柜是討論最多的話題,更準確的描述是采 用液冷門的機柜。高密度服務器部署是數據中心建設發展的必然,由此而引發的散熱問題,理應引起高度的重視。小小一個機柜,蘊含著巨大的玄機。新一代數據中心是當今的熱點,無論是資源整合、虛擬化;還是綠色節能、自動化以及安全管理,都是業界津津樂道的話題。
          Relevant cabinets are easily ignored. At present, liquid cooling (or water cooling) cabinet is the most discussed topic, and a more accurate description is the cabinet with liquid cooling door. The deployment of high-density servers is inevitable for the construction and development of data centers. The resulting heat dissipation problem should be paid great attention. A small cabinet contains a huge mystery. The new generation data center is a hot spot today, whether it is resource integration or virtualization; Green energy conservation, automation and safety management are all topics that the industry likes to talk about.
          For poor data centers, the power allocation is only 6.8a, and for blade servers. A fully equipped blade server requires about 10a of power.
          According to the existing capacity of the data center, the 10A power configuration obviously can not meet the deployment needs of more blade servers, and the contradiction of power shortage is very prominent. How to solve the problem of insufficient power supply, the easiest thing to think of is to start with capacity expansion. In fact, at the beginning of the construction of the data center or building, there is a certain calculation of the power capacity. Nowadays, increasing the power capacity requires the power sector to expand the capacity, and involves the transformation of corresponding lines, switches and other equipment, which involves many factors and restricted factors.
          Another solution to the power shortage is to reasonably adjust the existing power consumption. By using a set of solution tools called "adaptive data high availability management", we monitor the data centers of some existing enterprises. It is found that about 10% of the power consumption is used for lighting, while only about 30% is used for it equipment, The remaining large amount of power is consumed in refrigeration, that is, the cost of operation and management has greatly exceeded the actual use cost of the equipment.
          Through reasonable layout and scientific thermal model design, the power consumption of operation and maintenance equipment can be greatly reduced and the contradiction of power shortage can be effectively alleviated. Starting from the cabinet, the high cost of air conditioning refrigeration is related to the design of rack / cabinet and heat dissipation model.
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