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          1、 When we install the high-voltage switch cabinet, we should be careful to avoid the collision of the cabinet. We must prevent the deformation of the cabinet framework, and the thin panel should not be dented. If the surface coating is damaged, it will also affect the appearance and acceptance.
          2、 The installation of side-by-side cabinet requires the channel steel to be horizontal: the error per meter should be less than 1 mm;
          3、 In the process of transportation and installation of high-voltage switch cabinet, it is necessary to protect the vacuum interrupter. When installing the main bus on the top of the cabinet, it is necessary to cover the top of the vacuum switch with a hard plate, so as to prevent tools and screws from falling and damaging the interrupter.
          4、 The height of the hand cabinet is required to be convenient for entering and leaving, and the floor can not be blocked by steps.
          5、 The following three points should be followed when installing and configuring the main bus;
          (1) The connection between the bus and the electrical components must be reliable to avoid the influence on the current carrying capacity.
          (2) When the current is large, the joint must be tinned to avoid potential safety hazards.
          (3) The conductive contact surface between bare copper and bare copper shall be coated with protective agents, such as conductive paste, Vaseline, etc., to prevent oxidation and moisture
          6、 The main grounding bus of the cabinet shall be reliably connected with the embedded grounding grid of the installation foundation to ensure the continuous reliability of grounding.
          7、 The secondary lead cables related to the cabinet shall be laid according to the path specified in the drawing, and shall not hinder the movement of the sports box, so as to prevent trampling and affecting the use in future maintenance.
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