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          Safety requirements for low voltage complete equipment:
          Inspection and inspection of low voltage complete set of electrical equipment:
          In order to ensure the normal power supply of the electric field, the instruments and electrical appliances on the distribution panel shall be inspected and maintained frequently, and records shall be made so as to analyze the operation and power consumption at any time, and find out problems and eliminate hidden dangers in time.
          For the low voltage switchgear in operation, the following shall be checked:
          (1) Whether the name, mark, number, etc. of electrical components on the distribution panel and panel are clear and correct, whether the positions of all operation handles, buttons and keys on the panel are consistent with the actual situation on site, whether they are fixed firmly and whether they are flexible.
          (2) Whether the signal lights such as "on" and "off" and other signals indicate whether they are correct on the distribution panel.
          (3) Whether the contacts of disconnectors, circuit breakers, fuses and transformers are reliable, whether they are overheated or discolored.
          (4) Whether the insulation of secondary circuit conductor is damaged or aged.
          (5) When the distribution panel is marked with operation analog board, whether the operation status of the analog board and the field electrical equipment corresponds.
          (6) Whether the instrument or dial glass is loose and whether the instrument indication is correct.
          (7) Whether the lighting lamps in the distribution room are in good condition, whether the illumination is bright and even, and whether there is glare when observing the instrument.
          (8) The problems found in the inspection shall be handled in time and recorded.
          Safety requirements for low voltage live working:
          The low voltage live work shall be supervised by special personnel. Tools with insulated handle shall be used. When working, stand on dry insulation, wear insulating gloves and safety helmet, wear long sleeve clothes, and it is forbidden to use files, metal ruler, brush and duster with metal.
          When working on the low-voltage live line erected on the same pole, the distance between the high-voltage line and the high-voltage line shall be checked first, and measures to prevent the wrong touch of the high-voltage live equipment shall be taken.
          Before insulation measures are taken for low voltage live conductor, the staff shall not cross. When working on the live low voltage distribution device, it is necessary to ensure good insulation or corresponding safety distance between human body and earth, between human body and surrounding grounding metal, between human body and other conductors. Isolation measures shall be taken to prevent short circuit between phases and single phase grounding. Before the upper pole, phase and neutral line shall be separated and working position shall be selected. When the conductor is disconnected, the phase line shall be disconnected first and then the neutral zero line shall be disconnected. When lapping the conductor, the sequence shall be the opposite. Due to the small phase to phase distance of low pressure, attention should be paid to prevent human body from contacting two wire heads at the same time.
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