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          In the process of using, the imitative Rittal cabinet will be interfered to a certain extent. Such interference mainly comes from the erosion of the external environment, such as the high temperature and humidity of the environment, which are factors that have a certain impact on the cabinet. In order to better ensure the use effect of the cabinet, we can technically coat the appearance of the cabinet. What role does the coating play in the cabinet? What problems should be paid attention to in the coating process? Here's what you can learn from Xiaobian, a professional manufacturer of imitative Rittal cabinet
          1. Coating adhesion: after the coating adhesion test on the surface of Vito cabinet, it meets the requirements of grade 1 in Table 1 of GB / t9286-1998.
          2. Impact resistance of coating: after impact resistance test, the coating on the surface of Vito cabinet has no radial crack, notch and other defects.
          3. Anti-aging coating: the coating on the surface of the MIMO cabinet can resist aging and ensure the use of chassis.
          4. Solvent resistance of coating: after solvent resistance test, the coating on the surface of Vito cabinet shall be free from light loss, obvious color fading and signs of being wiped.
          The coating surface of the imitation Rittal cabinet should be continuous, uniform, and the texture should be consistent with the corresponding standard template, and there should be no nodulation, shrinkage, foaming, pinhole, cracking, peeling, pulverization, particles, sagging, bottom exposure, dirt inclusion and other defects.
          Thank you for your reading. This article is provided by imitation Rittal cabinet. I hope it can help you.
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