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          In recent years, there are also great differences in the mechanism design of stainless steel type cabinet. Stainless steel door shaft and dual source terminal box handle are adopted, and the box door is equipped with limit and anti rebound mechanism; The lead knock-out hole is improved to an "I" shaped detachable structure to facilitate the introduction of cables; The box is made of stainless steel, with good strength, high hardness, beautiful surface, good sealing, strong, long service life and easy maintenance.
          Functional requirements for outdoor cabinet
          1. The outdoor telecommunication equipment cabinet shall be composed of functional areas for installing power supply equipment, communication equipment, wiring equipment (MDF, ODF), temperature control equipment, storage battery, monitoring unit and other spare accessories. The specific functional requirements of each part are as follows:
          2. Power supply equipment installation area: meet the space requirements for the installation of AC and DC power supply equipment for normal operation of the equipment.
          3. Installation space of telecommunication equipment: meet the requirements of telecommunication equipment installation area.
          4. Distribution area: the space for the installation of MDF and DDF distribution modules required by communication equipment.
          5. Temperature control equipment area: meet the installation space requirements of heat exchange system or air conditioning equipment for normal operation of equipment.
          6. Battery installation area: meet the storage space requirements of the battery configured for the normal operation of communication equipment.
          7. Monitoring unit: it has the ability to handle various monitoring and alarm required in section 4.5, and has standard transmission interface.
          8. Other spare accessories: the front of the cabinet shall be marked with telecom logo. The detail of the logo is shown in Figure 1. The location, color and size of the logo can be determined according to the user's requirements; A tag (convenient for each user to identify the cabinet number) and other accessories shall be configured at a suitable position near the door of the cabinet.
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