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          1. The traditional PC cabinet is mainly made into the form of upper glass door, middle keyboard drawer, lower door and rear door. Taiyu pc601660035 computer cabinet system has a fashionable appearance and convenient installation and maintenance, so there is little market feedback. Many project parties have designated industrial computer cabinets of Taiyu brand. It is used to place displays, industrial computers, server hosts, or printers on site;
          2. In addition to the display, the PC cabinet can also be used as a complete set of control system. In fact, the two shelves at the bottom can also be replaced with one or two galvanized mounting plates to install some control systems.
          3. The PC cabinet imitating Weitu is generally used as the mobile operation cabinet in the workshop, and casters are installed at the bottom. Before that, some customers installed the control system in the computer cabinet, then left the data line terminal interface on both sides of the cabinet, pushed the cabinet around the workshop, and used it to debug the production data of different production lines.
          4. Vito piano type console, also known as imitation Vito AP piano type console. This is generally used in monitoring stations, command rooms, traffic command centers, meteorological monitoring centers, airport control rooms and other fields. Of course, some university multimedia teaching laboratories will also use this console. The height of the console is generally relatively low, which is suitable for sitting operation. Then the facade can be used to install the display or all-in-one machine, touch screen, and the table part can be used to install buttons, operating handles, emergency stop switches and so on. Of course, it can also be used to put the mouse or keyboard. On the whole, the comfort of the console may be higher. In the platform at the bottom, the control system is basically installed.
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