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      Chassis and cabinets are widely used in major computer rooms as communication applications. Chassis and cabinets serve as an indirect service for equipment and also maintain the normal operation of internal equipment of chassis and cabinets. Chassis and cabinets play a bearing effect and carry the maintenance work of various equipment.
      Chassis and cabinet skills are not mysterious skills. Chassis and cabinet processes are almost the same. Relying on exquisite craft equipment and skilled personnel with high technology, we can achieve a good chassis and cabinet product. Let's learn what to pay attention to when understanding the steel plate bending process of chassis and cabinet through small editing:
      1. The section of the bending part of the chassis and cabinet in the zigzag deformation area will change. The smaller the ratio of bending radius to plate thickness, the greater the change of section shape;
      2. The zigzag line of the bending parts of the chassis and cabinet shall be perpendicular to the rolling grain direction, and the bright surface of the blank shall be used as the outer surface of the bending parts to reduce the tensile crack of the outer layer;
      3. Springback will occur when bending the chassis and cabinet. The greater the ratio of bending radius to plate thickness, the greater the springback.
      In terms of chassis and cabinet, we strictly abide by its planning specifications and strictly control the quality to ensure the quality of products.
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