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      Imitation prestige cabinet is a product produced to meet the needs of the market. Its emergence is conducive to its localization competition and make its technology to a higher level. Compared with its production technology, it is more perfect and has better quality, so it has a certain influence not only in China, but also abroad. With the development of society, its demand in the market will continue to increase, so you can choose according to your own needs.
      When using the imitation prestige cabinet, pay attention to protection. The heat insulation box can be coated with corresponding heat insulation materials, which can reduce the damage caused by high temperature in a certain length. In addition, during installation, corresponding supporting facilities such as exhaust fan and temperature control relay can be installed to ensure their normal use.
      Features of imitation Rittal cabinet:
      1. The imitation Rittal cabinet has solid and beautiful structure, great internal installation space and high universality of accessories;
      2. The three-point lock of the imitation Rittal cabinet door, and the side plate and back plate are fixed with screws;
      3. The cabinet frame of Weitu imitation machine is welded with nine fold profile, and the overall strength of the frame is high;
      4. The opening angle of cabinet door is 130 degrees, which can meet the needs of left and right door opening without adding any accessories;
      5. M8 grounding column is pre installed on the cabinet body, door and mounting plate of imitation Rittal cabinet;
      6. the whole installation plate can be adjusted before and after installation.
      7. Surface treatment of imitation Rittal cabinet: cabinet body, frame and door: degreasing, pickling, phosphating, electrophoretic waterproof wax dipping primer, electrostatic plastic spraying corrugated finish.
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