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      For the sheet metal cabinet, because it has a good external image, and long-time appearance work will bring a lot and great impact to everyone, so the surface treatment of customized cabinet will have a high impact, In the process of surface pretreatment of chassis and cabinet, or the surface can be sprayed with plastic or paint, so that we can choose some suitable methods to increase the use and year limit of sheet metal chassis and cabinet according to different specific conditions. Today's Xiaobian will introduce to you how chassis processing maintains the appearance.
      As we all know, the shell of the chassis cabinet is made of sheet metal, so all parts are made of stainless steel rolled plates. What should be paid attention to when accepting the processed chassis? Let Xiaobian introduce it in detail:
      1. In the design of sheet metal cabinet, there should be no visible inclination, local skew or distortion. The perpendicularity between the frame column and the base is less than 1.5mm. During detection, the surface of the base shall be used as the standard, and the inner surface of the upper end of the column shall be used as the measuring point
      2. The parallelism of the top frame and the base is less than 1mm. The monitoring points are the upper surface of the base and the lower surface of the top frame, which are generally based on each other. At the same time, it can also be detected by measuring the length of the diagonal of six sides, which should not exceed 2.5mm under the difference.
      The above wonderful content comes from the introduction and sharing of imitation Rittal cabinet of Jinan Tongyu Hengcheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. please continue to pay attention to us for more content: http://www.8477k.com
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