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      The low-voltage cabinet is an authorized cabinet, which means the low-voltage switchgear product produced by ABB authorized cabinet electrical complete plant. The whole mns2.0 low-voltage cabinet adopts ABB's advanced technology and is designed according to the requirements of the actual site owner. Anhui Derun Electric has been authorized to produce mns2.0 low-voltage cabinet for more than 10 years. Before each production of mns2.0 low-voltage cabinet, a small production meeting will be held to convey the details and key points of each batch of products to the assemblers. I'll let you know.
      1、 When the shell is produced, we shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the shell, including spraying, grinding, shell thickness, whether all accessories of the shell are intact, etc.
      Shell inspection
      二、當殼體檢查完后,我們就開始領每臺柜子的元器件準備裝配了, 在裝配之前,我們還要對各元器件進行二次檢查(收貨時第一次檢查),看是否有不合格的產品。
      2、 After the physical examination of the shell, we begin to get the components of each cabinet ready for assembly. Before assembly, we also need to conduct a secondary inspection on the components (the first inspection when receiving the goods) to see whether there are unqualified products.
      Pre installation inspection of components
      3、 Assemble each component into mns2.0 switchgear step by step according to the steps of the drawing.
      The main components have been assembled into the cabinet
      4、 Different cabinet types have different assembly processes. It is more difficult to assemble each drawer in the drawer cabinet, because the drawer cabinet is divided into many units. The size of each unit is different, and the size of components is also different. This requires the assembler to have a certain level of production technology.
      Drawer unit
      5、 After the assembly, we will have workshop inspectors conduct all-round inspection on each cabinet, including whether the screws are tightened and whether the wiring in a batch of switchgear is consistent; Whether the mechanical interlocking is normal and whether the drawer is easy to close; Whether the colors of indicator lights, buttons and wires meet the specifications; The contents of nameplates and warning signs are correct.
      Whole cabinet inspection
      Six, the last step is debugging before leaving the factory, which is done by customer service engineers. Carry out each pre delivery test according to the requirements of national standards. Including appearance test (electrical clearance, creepage distance, insulation resistance test, etc.); Power on test: according to the requirements of electrical schematic diagram, connect the power supply specified in the design, simulate the action, and carry out various tests before delivery. After all requirements are met, it can be packaged and delivered. Ensure that each batch of mns2.0 low-voltage cabinets delivered by Derun electric arrive at the project site. After installation, they can be used through simple on-site operation and commissioning.
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