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            MNS low pressure drawer cabinet performance according to the use of different sealing ring material and there are differences, sealing ring material determines the degree of electric sealing protection. Choose the seal ring to compare the elasticity of each material component, and the impact of contact with many chemicals, as well as the impact of hot and cold conditions.
            The sealing ring plays a very important role in protecting the MNS low pressure cabinet. The durability of the protection class over a long period of time depends on the characteristics of the seal ring. Fix the seal ring in the correct position. But the chemical corrosion resistance of the sealing ring is also very different according to its material, so according to the need for direct reaction between the chemical composition and the sealing ring is an effective way to confirm the effect.
            When design dustproof MNS low-voltage drawer ark protection grade is higher, the higher performance requirements, sometimes in order to highlight the protective effect is also specially designed some rain hat, it can more effectively prevent water or dirt infiltration, it is easy to separate the lid and body, so that users can also be convenient for processing and printing operations.
            The choice of size is the problem we need to consider when choosing MNS low-pressure chest of drawers. The influence of the choice of material on the function of MNS low-pressure chest of drawers should be taken into account. In the material section, some information and comparison documents on how to choose MNS low pressure chest drawers correctly will be provided. The sealing ring plays an important role in the protection function of MNS low pressure drawer cabinet.
            Several factors affecting the sealing of MNS low-pressure drawer cabinet are the above content. If you do not understand it, you can come to the website www.8477k.com for consultation at any time.
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