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            所謂的成套電氣設備,通俗的說,就是將各個電器元件進行有機組合、安裝,使之成為一整套的電氣設備,用于工程項目的供配電使用。比如小區、商業中心、工礦企業等配電使用。那么有人就問 電氣成套設備的價格是怎樣的?
            The so-called complete set of electrical equipment, colloquially speaking, is the organic combination and installation of various electrical components, so that it becomes a complete set of electrical equipment, used for power supply and distribution of engineering projects. For example, residential areas, commercial centers, industrial and mining enterprises and other power distribution. Then some people ask what is the price of the complete electrical equipment?
            The price of complete sets of electrical equipment is basically not uniform. Because a complete set of electrical equipment contains several independent unit parts, the price is corresponding to each other according to the customer's needs. The price of each part, shell, etc. is made into a quotation, and the final price is the price of the equipment.
            For example, box-type substation is generally composed of metal shell, high and low voltage switchgear, transformer, etc., scientifically connected. This requires accurate quotation according to the drawings sent by the customer. Some customers are not very professional and will directly ask how much your box costs. We will reply patiently.
            Of course, there are many good complete sets of electrical equipment manufacturers in China, but each has its own advantages in scale and strength. Many companies produce only a certain type of electrical equipment or part of a range of products. Some large electrical equipment enterprises are full range of high and low voltage electrical equipment manufacturers, such as Zhongmeng Electric, convenient for customers to purchase one-stop power supply and distribution equipment.
            When purchasing complete sets of electrical equipment, we should try to choose large-scale and qualified production enterprises, such as state Grid bid-winning enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, etc. Such enterprises not only have higher cost performance, but also make the procurement process more efficient, simple and smooth.
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