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          (1) 柜架為通用柜的型式,采用新型型鋼栓接拼裝而成,安裝精度高,組裝方便,強度高,堅固耐用。
          (1) The cabinet frame is a general-purpose cabinet, which is bolted and assembled with new section steel, with high installation accuracy, convenient assembly, high strength and durability.
          (2) 采用接地的金屬隔板,將開關柜分成母線室、功能單元室、電纜室,各功能單元室也用接地的金屬板相互隔離,互不干擾,能有效地防止故障的擴大。
          (2) The switch cabinet is divided into bus room, functional unit room and cable room by grounded metal partition. Each functional unit room is also isolated from each other by grounded metal plates without interference, which can effectively prevent the expansion of fault.
          (3) 抽屜單元有可靠的機械聯鎖裝置,通過操作手柄的控制,具有接通、斷開、試驗、隔離和抽出五個明顯的位置,當抽屜推拉到接通、斷開、試驗、隔離位置時,抽屜自動定位和鎖定,解除定位后方可進入下一個位置。
          (3) The drawer unit is equipped with reliable mechanical interlocking device. Through the control of the operating handle, it has five obvious positions: on, off, test, isolation and extraction. When the drawer is pushed and pulled to the on, off, test and isolation positions, the drawer will be automatically positioned and locked. The next position can be entered only after the positioning is released.
          (4) 額定值和結構相同的抽屜,具有良好的互換性。
          (4) Drawers with the same rating and structure have good interchangeability.
          (5) 供電回路數多,可靈活組合,經濟實用。一個柜內可配置1單元的抽屜9個,或1/2單元的抽屜18個。
          (5) There are many power supply circuits, which can be flexibly combined, economical and practical. One cabinet can be equipped with 9 drawers of 1 unit or 18 drawers of 1 / 2 unit.
          (6) 抽屜單元的輔助接點有32、64對兩種規格(1/2抽屜為20對),能滿足自動化與計算機接口的需要。
          (6) There are 32 and 64 pairs of auxiliary contacts of drawer unit (20 pairs for 1 / 2 Drawer), which can meet the needs of automation and computer interface.
          (7) 柜內電氣元件空氣間隙和爬電距離大,開關柜的絕緣強度高。
          (7) The air gap and creepage distance of electrical components in the cabinet are large, and the insulation strength of the switchgear is high.
          (8) 柜內選用高抗拉強度的絕緣件,加強柜體、母排系統固定支撐的強度,提高動穩定性能。
          (8) Insulating parts with high tensile strength are selected in the cabinet to strengthen the strength of the fixed support of the cabinet body and busbar system and improve the dynamic stability.
          (9) GCS型柜水平母線布置于柜后母線隔室內,柜后為封板結構。
          (9) The horizontal bus of GCs type cabinet is arranged in the bus compartment behind the cabinet, and the rear of the cabinet is of sealing plate structure.
          (10) 柜體結構可考慮電纜從柜底部和/或柜頂部進入柜體。
          (10) The cabinet structure can consider that the cable enters the cabinet from the bottom and / or top of the cabinet.
          (11) 可配置智能化接口裝置,直接掛在現場總線或通過適配器與DCS以太網相連,在操作員站進行監控,不僅提高了監控自動化水平,同時可節省大量控制電纜,減少投資。
          (11) It can be equipped with intelligent interface device, which can be directly hung on the field bus or connected with DCS Ethernet through adapter to monitor at the operator station, which can not only improve the monitoring automation level, but also save a lot of control cables and reduce investment.
          (12) 柜體的防護等級高,可以滿足用戶對高防護等級的要求。
          (12) The protection grade of the cabinet is high, which can meet the requirements of users for high protection grade.
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