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      Jinan chassis and cabinet suppliers share the purpose of chassis and cabinet: provide space for storage devices such as mainboard, power supply, various expansion boards, optical drives, floppy drives and hard drives, and firmly fix these parts inside the chassis through supports, brackets, screws or clips and other connectors inside the chassis to form an intensive whole.
      Secondly, its solid shell protects the board, power supply and storage equipment, can prevent pressure, impact and dust, and it can also play the function of anti electromagnetic interference and radiation, and play the role of shielding electromagnetic radiation.
      The chassis accessory grounding spring piece is installed between the printed circuit board and the metal shell, which is mainly provided with an elastic pressing part. The two ends of the elastic pressing part extend respectively to form a fixed surface that can be assembled with the printed circuit board and a butting surface in contact with the shell. When the assembly is completed, the printed circuit board will slightly press the spring piece against the shell, and through the elastic force of the elastic pressing part, Make the contact part between the butting surface and the shell more closely, so as to increase its conductivity and reduce electromagnetic radiation.
      Chassis accessories PCB connector base is a kind of widely used connector, which is also a very broad category. It connects the printed circuit board or sub card to a backplane or motherboard, or connects the printed circuit board to the external system through wires and cables Including strip lead head, FPC / FFC, edge connector and high-density mil-c-55302 connector.
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