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      使用條件本開關柜適用于交流 50(60)Hz、鎖定絕緣電壓和工作電壓為 380(400)、660V,額定電流6300A 及以下三相五線制的電力供電系統,可用于發電廠、變電所、工礦企業、大樓賓館、機場、 碼頭以及廣播電視等通訊中心,來作為發電、輸配電、電能轉換及電能消耗設備的控制。
      Service conditions the switch cabinet is applicable to the three-phase five wire power supply system with AC 50 (60) Hz, locking insulation voltage and working voltage of 380 (400), 660V, rated current of 6300A and below. It can be used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, hotels, airports, wharfs, radio and television and other communication centers for power generation, transmission and distribution Control of power conversion and power consumption equipment.
      使用條件1、周圍空氣溫度不高于+40℃,不低于-5℃,并且在 24h 之內其平均溫度不高于+35℃2.周圍空氣相對濕度在最高溫度為+40 時不超過 50%。在較低溫度時有較大的相對溫度,如+20時為 90%,但考慮到由于溫度的變化有可能會偶然產生適度的凝露。
      Service conditions 1. The ambient air temperature shall not be higher than + 40 ℃, not lower than - 5 ℃, and the average temperature within 24h shall not be higher than + 35 ℃. 2 The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not exceed 50% at the maximum temperature of + 40. There is a large relative temperature at lower temperature, such as 90% at + 20, but considering that moderate condensation may occur occasionally due to temperature changes.
      3.戶內使用,使用地點的海拔高度不超過 2000m4.應安裝在無劇烈震動和沖擊,以及不使用電器元件受到腐蝕的場所結構特征本開關柜由于引進了國外先進技術,并在其原有的基礎上加以技術改進,使其更符合我國國情,柜體采用 25mm 為模數的 C 型材通過連接件來組成各種得以滿足各種需求的柜架結構和抽屜單元,在 MCC 柜中大量采用高強度的阻燃型工程塑料組件,使其安全性能更可靠, 同時加之將國外的功能版加以改型,以 200mm 為模數加以組合,使其更有利于 PC 柜與 MCC柜混裝柜體的設計需求,抽出單元與柜體具有可靠聯鎖裝置,以防止在開關通電狀態下帶負荷拉閘, 提高了其安全性,另外該柜體一般均采用冷軋鋼板進行鈍化處理后組裝而成,也可根據用戶的不 同需求采用敷鋁鋅鋼板。
      3. For indoor use, the altitude of the place of use shall not exceed 2000m4. It shall be installed in the place without severe vibration and impact and without corrosion of electrical components. Structural characteristics: due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and technical improvement on its original basis, the switchgear is more in line with China's national conditions, The cabinet body is made of 25mm modulus C-section through connectors to form various cabinet frame structures and drawer units that can meet various needs. A large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastic components are used in MCC cabinet to make its safety performance more reliable. At the same time, the foreign functional version is modified and combined with 200mm modulus, It is more conducive to the design requirements of the mixed cabinet of PC cabinet and MCC cabinet. The extraction unit and the cabinet have reliable interlocking devices to prevent the on-load switching when the switch is energized and improve its safety. In addition, the cabinet is generally assembled after passivation treatment with cold-rolled steel plate, or aluminum zinc coated steel plate can be used according to the different needs of users.
      標準及技術規范 GB7215.12過電壓類別 Ⅳ Ⅲ污染等級 3額定工作電壓(Ue)(U) 380額定絕緣電壓(Ui)(V) 1000額定頻率(Hz) 50水平母線額定電流 至6300A額定短時耐受電流(lcw)(KA) 50~100KA額定峰值耐受電流(lpk)(kA) 105~220KA
      Standard and technical specification gb7215 12 overvoltage category Ⅳ Ⅲ pollution level 3 rated working voltage (UE) (U) 380 rated insulation voltage (UI) (V) 1000 rated frequency (Hz) 50 rated current of horizontal bus to 6300A rated short-time withstand current (LCW) (KA) 50 ~ 100kA rated peak withstand current (LPK) (KA) 105 ~ 220kA
      以上就是 MNS低壓抽屜柜給大家的精彩內容,更多的精彩內容請點擊:http://www.8477k.com我們后續會有更多的精彩內容等您查看.
      The above is the highlights of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet. For more highlights, please click: http://www.8477k.com We will have more wonderful content for you to check later
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