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      1、 Low voltage fuse
      Low voltage fuse is a simple circuit protection appliance. Its principle is that when the current flowing through the fuse reaches or exceeds the fixed value for a certain time, its own melt melts and cuts off the circuit. Its action principle is simple and easy to install. It is generally not used alone. It is mainly used to cooperate with other electrical appliances.
      2、 Low voltage circuit breaker
      Low voltage circuit breaker is also called automatic switch, commonly known as air switch. When the automatic control or protection control operation is carried out, the circuit breaker can carry out the opening or connecting operation of the circuit under the control of the comprehensive protection device. The circuit breaker can not only make and break the normal load current, but also bear the short-circuit current for a certain time, and can break the short-circuit current and cut off the faulty lines and equipment.
      3、 The difference between the two
      There is no obvious difference between circuit breaker and fuse, and there is no great difference in their application. They are all equipment mainly used for open circuit protection. However, the fuse belongs to disposable equipment when in use. After use, it needs to be replaced and treated by staff in time. It is a cheap and widely used control equipment. The circuit breaker has the advantages of electric remote control function, complete protection function, convenient adjustment and continuous use in case of fault disconnection.
      4、 Option
      (1) For general equipment, fuses should be selected for protective appliances in general distribution cabinets. Because the fuse has good current limiting characteristics, low price and easy to meet the selectivity requirements. However, when there are few power supply and consumption equipment and the impact of accidental power failure is not too great, non selective circuit breaker can also be selected.
      (2) Non selective circuit breaker or leakage protector is usually selected for the protective appliances in the terminal distribution box to improve the sensitivity of the protective appliances.
      (3) If the expected short-circuit current at the installation point is less than the rated section of the circuit breaker, the fuse can be used as backup protection because the rated short-circuit analysis ability of the fuse is strong.
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