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      1. After the distribution cabinet is transported to the site, organize unpacking inspection to check whether there is deformation and paint falling, whether the instrument components are complete, and whether there are defects in spare parts and instructions, and make unpacking records.
      2. According to the layout of the construction drawing, the switch cabinet shall be placed on the foundation section steel in sequence. After the rows of cabinets are in place, first align the cabinets at both ends, then stretch a small line at the two-thirds height from the bottom to the top of the cabinet, and align them one by one, taking the cabinet surface as the standard. The alignment shall be adjusted with 0.5mm gaskets, and each gasket shall not exceed three at most.
      3. After positioning and alignment, fix the cabinet according to the size of the cabinet fixing screw hole. The cabinet body and the cabinet body, and the cabinet body and the side baffle are connected with galvanized screws. The high and low voltage switchgear shall be firmly welded with the reserved angle steel. The exposed part above the cable interlayer shall be fully paved with checkered steel plate, and 1200mm shall be used in front and back of the cabinet × 10mm (width) × Thick) insulation shall be fully paved.
      4. The levelness deviation of the top of two adjacent cabinets of the switchgear shall not be greater than 2mm, the levelness deviation of the top of all cabinets shall not be greater than 5mm, the edge unevenness of two adjacent cabinets shall not be greater than 1mm, the unevenness of all cabinets shall not be greater than 5mm, and the joint between cabinets shall not be greater than 2mm.
      5. After the equipment is positioned, the internal fasteners shall be tightened and checked again, especially at the conductor connection end. After the wiring in the cabinet is completed, remove the sundries in the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner, keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean, and accurately identify the equipment tag number and circuit number. After the distribution cabinet is installed, install the bridge above the cabinet. The opening position of incoming and outgoing cables of the distribution cabinet shall be reserved by the supplier according to the size. Close after cable laying. The bridge and grounding busbar in the cabinet shall be reliably grounded with special grounding wire. The connection between bridge and distribution box (cabinet) is connected with rubber plate to protect wires and cables.
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