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      仿威圖柜是方便用戶配電系統的設備,它能夠方便有序的進行配電控制,及時排除隱患,避免事故的發生,  一般的仿威圖柜是對電壓、電流、頻率、有用功率、無用功率、電能、諧波等電力品質做的監控。
      The imitation prestige chart cabinet is the equipment convenient for the user's power distribution system. It can carry out power distribution control conveniently and orderly, eliminate hidden dangers in time and avoid accidents. The general imitation prestige chart cabinet is to monitor the power quality such as voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, electric energy and harmonic.
      The high-voltage power imitation cabinet is used for on-off, control or protection in power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of power system. In addition, according to the electrical wiring requirements, the switch equipment, measuring instrument, protection circuit and auxiliary equipment are assembled on the closed or semi closed metal cabinet assembly or panel to form a low-voltage power distribution device.
      The control cabinet, Weitu imitation cabinet and power cabinet mentioned by people are the same thing in principle, but they have different opinions and different appearance. Generally, the distribution box is relatively small, but the two kinds of Weitu imitation cabinets are three-dimensional. The following is about the seven characteristics of imitation Rittal cabinets, which is also the reason why imitation Rittal cabinets are now popular.
      Features of imitation Rittal cabinet:
      1. The imitation Rittal cabinet has solid and beautiful structure, great internal installation space and high universality of accessories;
      2. The three-point lock of the imitation Rittal cabinet door, and the side plate and back plate are fixed with screws;
      3. The cabinet frame of Weitu imitation machine is welded with nine fold profile, and the overall strength of the frame is high;
      4. The opening angle of cabinet door is 130 degrees, which can meet the needs of left and right door opening without adding any accessories;
      5. M8 grounding column is pre installed on the cabinet body, door and mounting plate of imitation Rittal cabinet;
      6. the whole installation plate can be adjusted before and after installation.
      7. Surface treatment of imitation Rittal cabinet: cabinet body, frame and door: degreasing, pickling, phosphating, electrophoretic waterproof wax dipping primer, electrostatic plastic spraying corrugated finish.
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