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      MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet is favored by many power engineering customers for its advantages of convenient maintenance, many group outgoing circuits and small land occupation. Although there are many manufacturers in the field, the technology and production capacity are mixed. Many small and medium-sized switchgear plants do not master the specifications and standards related to the machinery and equipment in the power distribution room because of their weak technical foundation. There are risks in the design and installation of drawer cabinets and switchgear. In addition, the customer's operation and maintenance management is poor, and the components in the cabinets are aging slowly with the increase of operation time, It will cause a high incidence of accidents of high-voltage switchgear and even major accidents such as burning loss.
      MNS低壓抽屜式開關柜適用于交流50(60)Hz、額定工作電壓400V、660V,額定電流5000A及以下三相五線制的電力供電系統,可用于發電廠、變電所、工礦企業、大樓賓館、機場、碼頭以及廣播電視等通信點,來作為發電、輸配電、電能轉換及電能消耗設備的控制, 并通過電容補償柜對其主母線進行無功補償。符合國標準:GB7251.1《低壓成套開關設備》IEC60439《低壓成套開關設備和控制設備》。
      MNS low-voltage drawer type switchgear is applicable to the three-phase five wire power supply system with AC 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage of 400V and 660V, rated current of 5000A and below. It can be used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, hotels, airports, docks, radio and television and other communication points to control power generation, transmission and distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment, The reactive power of the main bus is compensated through the capacitor compensation cabinet. Comply with national standards: gb7251.1 low voltage switchgear and iec60439 low voltage switchgear and control equipment.

      Normal service conditions:
      1. The ambient air temperature shall not be higher than + 40 ℃ and not lower than - 5 ℃, and the average temperature within 24h shall not be higher than + 35 ℃.
      2. The relative humidity of the surrounding air shall not exceed 50% when the temperature is + 40 ℃, and there is a higher relative humidity at a lower temperature, such as 90% at + 20 ℃. However, considering that moderate condensation may occur occasionally due to the change of temperature.
      3. For indoor use, the sea height of the place of use shall not exceed 2000m.
      4. It shall be installed in a place without violent vibration and impact and without corrosion of electrical components.
      Good products make good services, and good enterprises make good products. MNS low-voltage drawer cabinets insist on providing customers with high-quality services. Please continue to pay attention to our website for details: http://www.8477k.com
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