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      The imitation Rittal cabinet is obviously a product modeled on the German Rittal cabinet. In addition to the above, there are some features that can distinguish between genuine and imitation Rittal cabinets.
      1、 Product aesthetics. The cabinet seeks the perfect concept from the application and appearance of industrial products, and the sheet metal structure planning and the deployment and application of accessories are also very reasonable and scientific, forming a standardized supporting planning;
      2、 Ease of use. The planning of internal longitudinal beam, column, beam, walking line and its own molding hole makes the user's device easy and convenient;
      3、 Robust, durable, safe and reliable. The structure makes the structure stable. The maximum load of a single cabinet is 2000kg, and it is not afraid to install any bulky equipment;
      4、 The imitation Rittal cabinet is separated from carbon steel and stainless steel in terms of data. The tacit material thickness is 2.0mm for door plate, 2.5mm for device plate and 1.5mm for cabinet body;
      5、 The surface treatment of carbon steel of imitation Rittal cabinet is tacitly approved to be plastic spraying treatment. Before plastic spraying, phosphating primer treatment is carried out with the color of ral7035. The surface treatment of stainless steel is tacitly approved to be wire drawing treatment.
      Rittal cabinet can be divided into es cabinet (50% off profile cabinet), PS cabinet (10% off profile cabinet) and TS cabinet (16% off profile cabinet). Rittal cabinet requires high surface treatment and high protection level. The feature is that Rittal cabinet adopts profile structure. Firstly, the structure of the cabinet is welded, and then the top plate, bottom plate, side plate, door plate and device plate are fixed on the structure with screws, This advantage is the commodity modular structure and convenient use.
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