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      低壓抽屜柜如果采用IP40防護等級,必 須要加強迫通風散熱,也就是在柜頂加排氣風扇,如果抽屜較多,相應的柜內隔板就多,再加上柜子的底板與頂板,氣流的阻力很大,強迫通風效果不夠顯著。
      If the low-voltage drawer cabinet adopts IP40 protection level, it is necessary to strengthen forced ventilation and heat dissipation, that is, to add an exhaust fan on the top of the cabinet. If there are more drawers, there will be more partitions in the cabinet. In addition, the air flow resistance of the bottom plate and top plate of the cabinet is very large, and the forced ventilation effect is not significant.
      The manufacturer of low-voltage drawer cabinet accessories once measured the temperature inside the cabinet. When the cabinet is installed with exhaust fan, if there is no air conditioner in the distribution room, the temperature inside the cabinet reaches 55 ℃ in summer (the air temperature around the component is the ambient temperature of the component). In addition, the exhaust fan has a short service life and is used continuously, so it is difficult to persist for a long time, The black terminals not only cause frequent accidents, but also greatly reduce the service life of components.
      The ambient temperature for normal use of low-voltage drawer cabinet is no more than 40 ℃ (upper limit), generally - 5 ℃ (lower limit), and - 15 ℃ in severe cold area. If the ambient temperature is too high, the conductivity of the metal will decrease, the resistance will increase, and the surface oxidation will intensify; On the other hand, too high temperature will greatly shorten the life of the insulation parts in the cabinet and reduce the insulation strength. On the contrary, if the ambient temperature is too low, internal stress will be produced in the insulation parts, which will eventually lead to the damage of the insulation parts.
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