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      1. Check the preparation before installation
      Before installation, the supervision engineer of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet and the engineer of Party A shall check whether the access road is smooth. If necessary, the general contractor is required to build a simple transportation channel to connect with each installation point, and the construction site layout shall meet the requirements of safe and civilized construction. At the same time, the arrangement of construction machines and tools of the installation unit should be checked, and the installation unit should be urged to check the construction machines and tools to ensure that they are in good condition. Before the pressure equipment arrives at the site, the distribution room, trench and foundation channel steel shall be completely completed
      1) . distribution room
      配電室:配電室施工前,低壓配電柜要將建配電室所需的詳細圖紙交予施工方(合同簽訂后2周內,重 點要落實客戶對圖紙的位置、內容、完成時間確認),并且在配電室建設過程中,我方或協作單位的技術人員要在現場監督,避免施工錯誤。(配電室建設大約需2周左右)
      Distribution room: before the construction of the distribution room, the low-voltage distribution cabinet shall submit the detailed drawings required for the construction of the distribution room to the construction party (within 2 weeks after the signing of the contract, the key point is to confirm the location, content and completion time of the drawings by the customers), and during the construction of the distribution room, the technical personnel of our party or the cooperating unit shall supervise on site to avoid construction errors( It will take about 2 weeks to build the distribution room)
      2) Foundation: the channel steel of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet should be placed in the position corresponding to the equipment air duct reserved in the power distribution room, and the small distance between the equipment and the wall should be clear (the distance is too close to open the cabinet door of the equipment)( It takes about 2 days to weld the channel steel, and our technicians must be present for guidance.)
      Equipment arrival at site:
      3) If the power distribution room and foundation are not built, the low-voltage power distribution cabinet equipment should have a storage location (rain proof or provide necessary rain proof materials).
      2. Installation
      2.1 the doors and windows of each distribution room shall be tight, and the low-voltage distribution cabinet room shall be clean.
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