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      1、 Low voltage distribution cabinet
      1. Regularly check whether there are traces of insect and rat activities in each cabinet, and trap and kill them regularly.
      2. Check whether the positions of warning boards and maintenance boards are correct.
      3. Check whether the emergency tools and lamps are complete and normal, and whether the crank and fuse handle are complete.
      4. Check whether the cable joint is hot and discolored (generally silver), and whether the grounding wire is rusted (whether the welding point is normal).
      5. Check whether the capacitor shell in the capacitor cabinet is in good condition, whether there is leakage and expansion, and whether the indicator light is in good condition.
      6. Check the grounding wire contact condition of each capacitor shell.
      7. Do a good job in cleaning and dedusting of all cabinets.
      8. Check the fan working condition of each cabinet.
      2、 First level maintenance
      1. Check whether the bus and its down lead are firm.
      2. Check whether the secondary circuit wiring is firm, whether the fuse of Guizhou high and low voltage power distribution equipment is in good condition, and the shake test of insulation resistance.
      3. Inspection of capacitor cabinet: when the air switch is disconnected without capacitor, the action test of capacitor controller shall be carried out. The first closing shall be conducted first, and the second closing shall be conducted later. The overvoltage protection, under current protection and switching threshold value shall be adjusted.
      4. All indicator lights should be in good condition. Check and adjust the circuit breaker, leakage switch, thermal relay, relay, multi-function meter, etc.
      5. Check whether the indicator light is normal, whether the switch position of the controller is normal, whether the operation is normal, and whether the mechanical interlock part of manual debugging is reliable.
      6. Check whether the fasteners of each soft starter and frequency converter are loose.
      3、 Secondary maintenance
      1. Check whether the drawer switch is pushed in or pulled out flexibly, whether its mechanical locking is reliable, and whether the contactor contact is in good condition.
      2. Check whether the elastic force of each knife edge in the circuit breaker is normal and whether the arc extinguishing device is in good condition.
      3. Check whether the wiring nuts of each cable head are tight.
      4. After the main switch of the receiving cabinet and the contact cabinet is disconnected, it should be flexible to use the special handle to shake out or shake out. The secondary terminals such as the mutual inductor should be in good contact and tight without looseness, and the primary and secondary lines should be free from mildew.
      4、 Daily maintenance of incoming switch
      1. Check the cleanliness of the equipment, wipe off any dust and oil stains with clean dry cloth, and use non corrosive detergent if possible.
      2. Check whether the equipment name plate is in good condition. Use a clean dry cloth to clean these nameplates.
      3. Wipe off the dust, mold and oxide, and clean the fixed part of the draw out circuit breaker at the same time. Make sure there is no foreign matter in the circuit breaker room.
      4. Use a clean and dry cloth to remove the dust or dirt on the side line and bus of the circuit breaker.
      5. Confirm that the bolts used for terminal connection are correctly fastened to the high and low voltage distribution equipment in Guizhou, and confirm that there is no sign of local overheating on the terminals. By observing whether the color of the contact part changes, we can identify whether it is hot. The contact part is usually silver white.
      7. Check whether the cable on sliding contact or terminal block is firm
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