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      ·Appearance inspection: check whether there is displacement, paint dropping, corrosion, rust, deformation, discoloration, peculiar smell, etc. These may be some parts of the failure, but has not yet affected the power transmission, but the security risks already exist. Displacement or cabinet tilt are not conducive to the safe use of low-pressure drawer cabinet, to be corrected in time; paint, deformation: may be caused by mechanical external force, whether there is spring jump; corrosion, rust, discoloration is caused by chemical agents or sewage corrosion or arc, flame; odor: mostly due to high temperature, fire and other reasons, these basic problems are not obvious We must check.
      ·Temperature check: temperature is a common method to check the power system fault, most of the circuit faults are caused by short circuit, overvoltage, overload and other reasons, so temperature check is very important.
      ·Debris inspection: whether there are residual bodies of damaged accessories in the process of replacing accessories for low-voltage drawer cabinet, and a large number of thread ends, parts and scrap iron will be left in the process of component installation, some of which will be attached to the surface or inner layer of components, so the cleaning work must be careful and careful to ensure that the details are clean.
      ·Mechanical inspection: the circuit breaker and low-voltage drawer are flexible in and out operation, and there is no sticking phenomenon. If so, check the cause and repair properly.
      ·Check the lubricating oil: high voltage circuit breaker, low voltage drawer and other moving contacts, there is an appropriate amount of neutral grease, check whether there is leakage and other phenomena.
      ·System parameter inspection: check the production and installation of the bus in the drawer cabinet, check whether the phase sequence of the bus is correct, and whether the installation operation is carried out in strict accordance with the drawing planning and safe power distribution connection standard. Generally, the inspection is carried out after the initial installation, and there is no need to inspect every time in the later stage. Before switching on the power supply, the replacement accessories need to be inspected once for the installation of the circuit system.
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