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      Substation is the power system, and then one to the substation, the electricity from the substation is often directly sent to the terminal. So, what should we do if the switch of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet can not be powered on?
      首先不要直接再次合閘送電,先檢查原因。首先要清楚這樣一個操作規范,一般送電都是高壓先送電到變壓器,變壓器連接至低壓進線主開關柜,然后低壓主進線開關合閘后低壓柜主母排得電,然后每個抽屜可以通過分合主開關/或接觸器 操作將電送出去,注意送電都是從高壓至低壓,從主開關至分路開關,送電前所有負載回路都必須處于分斷狀態。送不送上電并不是一次合閘就可以確定的。先要對分路進行合閘送電造作,看是否送電,如果不送電先斷開分路電閘,檢查原因。
      First of all, don't switch on power again directly, check the reason first. First of all, it is necessary to understand such an operation specification. Generally, high voltage power is transmitted to the transformer first, and the transformer is connected to the main switch cabinet of low-voltage incoming line. Then, after the main switch of low-voltage incoming line is closed, the main bus bar of low-voltage cabinet is powered on, and then each drawer can switch on and off the main switch / or contact Operation will send out electricity, pay attention to the power transmission is from high voltage to low voltage, from the main switch to the shunt switch, all load circuits must be in the off state before power transmission. Whether the power is delivered or not can not be determined by a single switch on. First of all, switch on and send power to the shunt to see if power is sent. If power is not sent, disconnect the shunt switch and check the reason.
      In addition, we also need to check whether the line has virtual connection, if there is no problem with the line, we need to check whether the inlet and outlet are connected correctly, etc., to make sure there is no problem, and then switch on again.
      Note: the operation of closing and power transmission must be standardized. Turning the handle counterclockwise is opening; turning the handle clockwise is closing.
      When all problems do not exist, check whether the circuit breaker is in the off state for further maintenance.
      Thank you for your reading. I hope the above contents are helpful to you. If you want to know more wonderful contents, please click our official website: MNS low voltage drawer cabinet manufacturer.
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