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      1. Fan is suitable for the temperature in the cabinet higher than the ambient temperature, but when the internal and external circulation in the closed environment requires isolation, industrial air conditioner should also be considered.
      2、空調采用壓縮機制冷原理進行強 力制冷,實現對電氣控制柜內部溫度的恒溫控制,由于電氣控制柜內外空氣循環相互隔絕,故可以有效地防止有害、潮濕的氣體及粉塵進入柜內。 空調按照其安裝方式,一般可以分為:壁掛式(側裝式、嵌入式及柜內架裝式)和頂裝式。 空調的選型也是根據柜內溫度與環境溫度的差值以及柜內熱損耗,從而確定空調所需要的制冷量來選取的。
      2. The air conditioner adopts the compressor refrigeration principle for strong refrigeration to realize the constant temperature control of the internal temperature of the electrical control cabinet. Because the air circulation inside and outside the electrical control cabinet is isolated from each other, it can effectively prevent harmful and humid gases and dust from entering the cabinet. According to its installation mode, air conditioning can be generally divided into wall mounted (side mounted, embedded and cabinet mounted) and top mounted. The selection of air conditioning is also based on the difference between the cabinet temperature and the ambient temperature and the heat loss in the cabinet, so as to determine the cooling capacity required by the air conditioning.
      Summer is the season of high temperature. To solve the heat dissipation problem of the cabinet can ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
      The above is about the general solution of the temperature rise of the metal chassis cabinet, hope to help you, if you want to know more, please pay more attention to our website.
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