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      What safety measures should be taken when using high and low voltage electrical equipment?
      High and low voltage complete sets of equipment are products related to power distribution. In the high school physics textbook, I believe that we have made an understanding of the relevant principles of substation power supply. All kinds of parts will be used in the whole power distribution cabinet. In fact, the production process of high and low voltage complete equipment distribution cabinet is very professional, and it is not allowed to have problems on a certain part. After all, as long as it is related to power products, safety is the first consideration of these products. Some parts in the distribution cabinet include auxiliary parts such as fuses and indicator lights, as well as important equipment parts such as control box and distribution board. High and low voltage electrical equipment
      High and low voltage electrical complete sets of equipment: when operating the high and low voltage complete sets of distribution cabinet, we should also pay attention to protect ourselves. For example, if some parts of the cabinet are equipped with point panel, then at this time, we must clearly separate the equipment in operation and the equipment under maintenance. In addition, if you are working on the secondary circuit, you should pay more attention to some safety measures at this time. For example, you must avoid that the whole current circuit is disconnected, otherwise it will hurt the people who operate the distribution cabinet at this time. Secondly, it is necessary to avoid short circuit of the distribution cabinet, and even more to avoid that the distribution cabinet is grounded. When operating the high and low voltage power distribution cabinet, the high and low voltage electrical equipment must use insulating gloves and various insulating tools.
      Operation and maintenance criteria of high and low voltage complete equipment
      High and low voltage complete sets of equipment are widely used in power distribution equipment
      1. Pay attention to observe the status of each component, check whether there are overheating discoloration, abnormal noise, poor contact and other phenomena.
      2. The power distribution room shall be moisture-proof, dust-proof and prevent small animals from entering. High and low voltage electrical equipment
      3. When the switch cabinet is not put into operation for a long time, the main primary element intervals (such as handcart room and cable room) shall be heated and dehumidified before putting into operation to prevent condensation from affecting the external insulation of the equipment.
      4. All metal parts of high and low pressure complete sets of equipment shall be antirust (coated with varnish or paint), moving parts shall be lubricated, screws shall be checked for looseness, and dust shall be removed in time.
      Thank you for reading, hope the above content can help you, if you want to know more information, please pay more attention to our website.
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