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      From the perspective of consumers, if we spend a certain amount of financial and material resources to buy a product, we will expect to bring us value for money. The most important point is that we can do our best to extend the life of the product and enable it to serve us within a certain limit. In order to make it work for us longer, Jinan chassis and cabinet will be committed to how to prolong the life of the chassis and cabinet.
      1. It's the temperature of the cabinet. If the temperature problem can not be effectively solved, it is impossible to extend the service life of the cabinet. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause the cabinet failure and affect the work progress. In terms of temperature, it's about fans. The fan plays an important role in the process of cabinet operation, because it is the key part to solve the temperature problem. We should ensure that the fan blows to the processor normally.
      2. It's about the expansion capability of the cabinet. Whether the cabinet has enough space directly affects the future backup network expansion or adding more hard disk boxes and other electronic devices.
      3. Is there any sharp edge inside the cabinet. This will affect the security of future technology upgrades.
      4. Is the chassis cabinet manufacturer's product has no certificate. It is not explained too much here. Regular manufacturers will have.
      5. It is the security of valuables placed inside the cabinet. This involves the original lock of the cabinet. Generally, the original products are more suitable for use. Therefore, we should pay more attention to avoid damage when using.
      In fact, no matter what the product is, there will be a day when its service life is exhausted. The above five points can only extend the service life of Jinan chassis and cabinet to a certain extent. Firmware aging still needs to be updated.
      For the above four directions, we have listed for you, which also shows that our products do have a clear development direction.
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