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      The installation specification of low-voltage drawer cabinet is unified by the state. According to the distribution equipment layout of the low-voltage distribution room of the substation, it should comply with the national standard "code for design of 10kV and below substations" (GB 50053-94). There are clear regulations about whether the low-voltage drawer cabinet can be installed against the wall. Knock on the blackboard, draw the point, no! No! No! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times.
      Although, some low-voltage drawer cabinet manufacturers can be installed against the wall, and part of the low-voltage cabinet model products, all wiring is in front of the cabinet operation, the back of the cabinet is closed, it seems that there is no influence whether it is against the wall or not. However, considering the inspection, maintenance, ventilation and heat dissipation, the switch cabinet and the wall need to keep a certain distance. And the rule is the rule. Before the rule is changed, no one should take chances. In case of an accident, no one can bear the responsibility of illegal installation.
      The installation specification of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet also has the following provisions:
      1. The distribution room should be located close to the power load center, where there is less dust, less corrosive medium, dry and slight vibration, and there should be room for development.
      2. The layout of distribution equipment must follow the principles of safety, reliability, applicability and economy, and should be convenient for installation, operation, handling, maintenance, test and monitoring.
      3. In the power distribution room, there should be no other pipes except the pipes needed in the room. Valve and intermediate joint shall not be set on indoor pipeline; the connection between water vapor pipeline and radiator shall be welded. No pipe shall be laid above the distribution panel.
      4·落地式配電箱的底部宜抬高,室內宜高出地面 50mm 以上,室外應高出地面200mm 以上。底座周圍應采取封閉措施,并應能防止鼠、蛇類等小動物進入箱內。
      4. The bottom of floor type distribution box should be raised, indoor should be higher than the ground by more than 50 mm, outdoor should be higher than the ground by more than 200 mm. Sealing measures shall be taken around the base to prevent mice, snakes and other small animals from entering the box.
      5. For two sections of bus in parallel in the same distribution room, when any section of bus has first-class load, fire isolation measures shall be set at the section of bus.
      6·當高壓及低壓配電設備設在同一室內時,且二者有一側柜頂有裸露的母線,二者之間的凈距不應小于 2m。
      6. When the high-voltage and low-voltage distribution equipment are located in the same room, and there is an exposed bus on one side of the cabinet top, the clear distance between the two should not be less than 2m.
      7·成排布置的配電屏,其長度超過 6m 時,屏后的通道應設兩個出口,并宜布置在通道的兩端,當兩出口之間的距離超過15m 時,其間尚應增加出口。
      7. When the length of the distribution panel arranged in rows exceeds 6m, the channel behind the panel should be set with two outlets, which should be arranged at both ends of the channel. When the distance between the two outlets exceeds 15m, there should be more outlets between them.
      8. The minimum width of the channel in front of and behind the distribution panel arranged in rows shall meet the requirements of the following table.
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